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The right garment for you

The right garment for you

Por: Moldeate Fajas | The right garment for you | 1034 Vistas | 0 Comentarios

I look as I feel

Physical appearance has been of great importance for many of the world’s cultures. Beauty concepts vary according to the notions of world that each group has, this as a result of their traditions and beliefs. Thus what for some cultures can be seen as something beautiful, for others, since it is unknown or strange,...
Por: Moldeate Fajas | The right garment for you | 1541 Vistas | 0 Comentarios

Shapewear according to your body type

We have already talked about the role of the strips currently in women's and men's fashion, since they have gone from being a garment that was used with shame and are now an indispensable part of an outfit, to the point that many famous women wear them even for attend gala events or for the red carpet.


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